Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentines Day!

Ok, I got everything set up in time for valentines day!

I will use my first actual craft post for this special day...I love to make my husband cards, I love his "YOU MADE THIS?!" reaction.

This was my first card, I thought I'd go with a more traditional "LOVE" card. It was very simple and very quick.

Cartridges used:

  • A child's year (card)

  • Opposites Attract
You can't really tell in the pictures but the white paper is actually vellum so that the heart cut out had a sort of "see thru" backing.

The 2nd Card I decided to go a little more fun and here it is..

This one is my favorite, I didn't really use the cricut for much aside from the letters which I used the Opposites attract cartridge.

I used the DCWV Animal Crackers stack for the animals (cut them out by hand) and the bottom design.

DCWV Mariposa cardstock stack for the brown cardstock, Its quite a large card I juse folded a 12x12 sheet

and used DCWV The Glitter Stack for the ""WILD" letters

The part the took the most time was cutting out the Animals; especially the Monkey. After the animals were all cut out and ready to go it was smooth sailing. If I could change one thing I would of made the "WILD" a bit bigger, but my husband got home and I had to scramble to hide it from him.

Now that I have this blog I will start taking pictures of the process not just the finished product and even include some videos.


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