Friday, December 17, 2010

Countdown till Christmas!


After many unforeseen events we have been off to a slow start on our Christmas fun here at JCC! well at least here on the blog I have, at home I have actually been busy. I just had no camera at first, then we moved, then no Internet for 2 weeks but oh we are past that now. I am making many different Christmas cards this year, the easy option would be to come up with a uniform design but...easy isn't as fun :)

I used my Winter Woodland cartridge for the trees and the pre-installed shapes in my Imagine for the frame.

I use my scorpal to score a piece of paper then I folded it like an accordion, I love the dimension it adds.
(Hint: don't let your kitty hop on might not hold under his/her weight...learned that the hard way)

I cut out some glitter paper for the snow on the trees and I LOVE IT!

and I decorated the inside, I also put the sentiment inside because I didn't the card to look too busy.

Alright my people, hope you enjoyed it come back for more as I PROMISE I will be updating this alot more often now [I got a craft room :) :) :) ]

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